It's Not Just a Bad Period

Last updated: March 2022

Starting from when I was just a young girl, I always had bad periods. I was put on birth control at 14 years old in hopes that I wouldn't miss any more time at school. After years of trying to get it under control, the pain became unmanageable. I went back to the doctor many times asking for help. I was told I would never figure out why I was in pain daily and I would "just have to deal with it". From painful sex, cramps, terrible periods, mood swings, weight gain, changing birth control 4 times, and years of begging for referrals to an ob-gyn, I finally had surgery and was diagnosed with endometriosis. It has now been 5 months since the operation and I am still in pain. Now with an IUD in and on an additional hormone, I am still struggling with pain on a daily basis. No over-the-counter meds help.

ENDO is not just a painful period. You are not crazy. Everyone's case of endo is different and unique.

I am now trying to go herbal for pain management and my heat pad is my best friend. Going for more tests and in search of anything that works.

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