It's Been Rough

Last updated: March 2022

At the ripe young age of 12, I started my cycle. It wasn't long before I started having complications. My cycles became 10-14 days long and I remember having to wear 2 pads to keep up with the heavy bleeding. One was a GIANT overnight pad and one was a regular in a "T" shape in my underwear.

My ultrasound at 13 years old

This went on for a year until I had an US done at 13. At 13 the Doctor told my mom I needed an internal Ultra Sound done to see what was going on. This was TRAUMATIZING at 13. I was still a virgin and oh so young. The pics came back and showed a cyst embedded inside my right ovary, golf ball size. It ruptured a year later.

Birth control and my mother

We started me on birth control pills and I went through so much weight gain in a year alone. I had gained 40 pounds in one summer. This affected other aspects of my health as well. I continued to not have answers and just suspect I had endometriosis like my mother did. She had a total hysterectomy at 28. From 15- 29 years old I was on and off birth control pills of all different kinds and eventually tried an IUD, which was so painful.

Finally receiving an answer

I have had 1 child at 24, but it took a year to get pregnant. They discovered my uterus was retroverted at 29. The current GYNO I was seeing told me he would do my first lap for exploratory surgery. At 29 yrs old I woke up from my first lap and I had the answer. He removed what he could find by cauterizing it. I had my tubes removed at 29 shortly after and at 31 I had a partial hysterectomy. I don't regret it. I have no ENDO Belly. I haven't had cramp issues and no more bleeding. It was the best choice I made for my body.

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