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So I have not been officially diagnosed with Endo, but it is the best guess the doctors I have seen have. I went into the ER October of 2021 with severe stomach pains, no one could figure out what was wrong. My blood tests were showing that I was pregnant, even though I am a virgin.

More tests provided more questions

They sent me to another hospital for an ultrasound and scans, where they discovered 4 cysts on my fallopian tubes and behind my bowel, one of which was abscessed. They drained the abscess expecting to find yellow puss, but instead a black/dark brown liquid was coming out. They were never able to identify what the liquid was, the tests all came back as inconclusive from the lab. They gave me antibiotics for the other 3 cysts and sent me on my way. I have no idea if the cysts will come back or not or what caused them, all the doctors are stumped.

I'm still feeling frustrated

The Gyno I saw said her best and only guess is endometriosis. I am really frustrated because I am hard to diagnose, considering I have always had an unusually high pain tolerance; what might be a 10/10 on the pain scale for most people is only a 4 or 5/10 for me, so my judgment on pain is vastly different. This is part of the reason they are unsure if I actually have endometriosis, and it is hard to diagnose even in the best of circumstances.

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