I finally found PAIN RELIEF!

Quick recap of my story:

I was finally diagnosed after years of EXCRUCIATING pain, blackouts, ER trips each month, misdiagnoses, etc. Had extensive surgery for my stage 4 endo, was on BC for years and years until I found out my BC created a tumor on my liver the size of my fist, had to go off BC permanently, and now I have zero treatment options.

A combination treatment therapy for the win!

I wanted to have surgery again but the surgeon said if I ever want kids, it would create too much additional internal damage. So she put on me on hydrocodone and mefenemic acid (it's a pill, don't let the word acid scare you!)

I have been on this pill combination for +10 years now and LISTEN UP!! With this pill combo, I am more or less pain free!!! No more 8 straight hours of pain so bad that I am delusional, no black outs, no vomiting while having diarrhea, none of it.

I am not one to push for pills. But they have been a TRUE LIFE SAVER!!

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