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I'm 27 years old and since having my first son 2 years ago, every month has gotten worse and worse. On every period I would be in agonizing pain right up until my period stopped, 8 months later my pain would come 1 week before I was due on and would go away 2 days after my period stopped. My pain was unbearable, my back pain was a constant throbbing/cramps feeling in my back, the doctor gave my countless tablets from mefanamic acid to ibuprofen 600mls nothing seems to work.

What can I do? The pain is unbearable!

Since the COVID-19 I cant get tested or have my ultra sound so I just have to live with the pain until I can get my tests done, it's so bad with me I cant sleep eat walk talk or even think on my nearly week and a half flare up. Then when my flare up stops I'm constantly counting down the days until the next flare up which makes me really panicky. I have bought some CBD oil as have read that it helps many woman but it hadn't seems to work for me.

Is there anything that anyone can suggest to help ease my pain? Thank you.

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