Finally Going to Be Over

I was semi-diagnosed with endometriosis at age 14 when I started my period. We were positive that I had it because my mother and grandmother both did. I was sent to a specialist around my 15th birthday and put on birth control shortly after.

The most severe case he'd seen

None of the birth control worked for very long and around the time I started college the specialist did my first exploratory laparotomy and confirmed that I did in fact have endometriosis and that it was "the most severe case he'd seen in someone my age". Which was in line with how bad my mother's and grandmother's endometriosis had been. They had both had hysterectomies before 40.

Pivoting because of endo

I had 6 laparotomies and 2 reconstructive surgeries to try and preserve my fertility but in the end, I was unable to get pregnant. We had hoped that since my grandmother was able to have my mom and my mom was able to have me and my younger sister that I would be able to get pregnant as well but after 7 years of trying my husband and I have decided that enough is enough. We decided to do foster-to-adopt instead and are currently in the process of getting licensed!

Finding my new doctor

Because of the COVID pandemic my plans to see a doctor were delayed but back in February I saw a new OB-GYN (my original doctor retired years ago and the new doctor I was sent to didn't seem to take any of my concerns seriously) and he set me up with Dr. Megan Cesta who is an amazing doctor and has worked to get my hysterectomy set up as quickly as possible!

The date has been set

I am so happy that on July 21 I will be getting a hysterectomy and FINALLY putting an end to the pain I have been in for nearly two decades!

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