Finally Diagnosed

2019… was a rough year for many reasons but it was the first time my pain was acknowledged by my new doctor.

When I found a doctor that cared

She didn’t like that no one was concerned by the pain in my left side or how extreme my periods got. Well once she took control of things, she sent me to do an MRI and the results were shocking! I had a large cyst on my left ovary that was very close to rupturing or causing a torsion… also it explained the constant pain I felt in my left side for months.

My pain persists

Fast forward almost a year I’m put on birth control to help control and minimize cysts on my ovaries. However, it does nothing to control my pain so I do another MRI to finally be diagnosed with stage 2 endo. Now I wait to meet with an endo specialist and surgeon to learn about my options moving forward.

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