Everyday is a New Day of Pain

Last updated: May 2019

When I was 14-15, I struggled. Then the pain was only during my cycle and the two days before. I would vomit from the pain and refuse to get out of the fetal position on the bathroom floor. Back then, my mom took me to the hospital when it got so bad I couldn't walk or get put of bed. A nice er doc gave me a shot and a pill. Sent me home with a script until my mom could get me on state medical insurance. Then I went to the obgyn. They thought it could be endo but also thought I was 2 young. So the depo to drop the cycle all together. Now I'm 29. Now the pain is everyday. Now I have cysts that never go away or stop hurting. Along with the constant pain and cramps and all the other like pain with sex etc, I now deal with more debilitating pain from the cysts. I'm still waiting on a definite diagnosis instead of a maybe. I'm still trying to get taken serious and get a Dr to realize when I say I can't get out of bed due to the cramps, stomach pain, and back pain etc or where anything but stretch pants or leggings rolled below my stomach most days, that I'm not exaggerating or just a "drug seeker." I need relief at least a few days a month. But I'll keep dealing with it because what else is there.

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