Endometriosis Journey

I was diagnosed by a healthcare professional in 2021. I was having severe back pain and heavy periods where I couldn't really leave home. I had cramping before and after my cycle. My period would last nearly two weeks. I had so many different symptoms that I couldn't piece together, but I was placed on Visanne and my period was halted and it made an incredible difference.

Worsening endo symptoms mean surgery

However, I am still dealing with severe pain in my abdomen for probably close to a month. Sometimes it is on and off. I have to get the laparoscopy surgery to see how bad it is soon, I'm sure. It takes such a mental toll to deal with flare-ups of pain. When I start to have flare ups it makes it nearly impossible to get out because it is so unpredictable.

Disheartened that pills are no longer working

Anyways, I have a feeling the Visanne pill is losing its effectiveness. I am starting to notice spotting and some other symptoms I used to have. It's a little disheartening. But ‘tis life?

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