Endometrioma: My Diagnosis Journey

Hi everybody,

I am Hilda. I am 36 years old. I was diagnosed with endometrioma (2.5cm at right ovary) when I was 30 (through sonogram, MRI and blood tests). I didn't have any symptoms (pain, ...) at the time.


The diagnosis of my disease happened below 6 months as I used to do sonogram every 6 months since the age of 24. At the age of 24 I also was diagnosed with PCOS and I was using LD and HD tablets time to time.
As soon as I was diagnosed with endometrioma, I started using Diane-35 for 9 months (with no break) and then because of high blood pressure problem I had to stop taking Diane. As I did not have any sever symptoms and the size of cyst was not changing rapidly I did not take any further action (except checking the size of the cyst every 6 months).

Another cyst grew, so a sclerotherapy was next

But last year another cyst started to grow at the left ovary and after 1 year the size of the cyst at right and left ovaries were 6x5x4cm and 9x8x8cm respectively. As the size of the left-side ovary was almost big, and I was afraid of surgery, I was offered a less invasive method (sclerotherapy (with ethanol)) and I accepted to try it (3 months ago).

The cyst was drained completely and the pathobiology test on the extracts of the cyst confirmed the already-diagnosed type of the cyst (endometrioma). The right-side ovary is still intact.
One month after the sclerotherapy I checked the size of the cyst and it was regrew to 7x6x5cm which showed that sclerotherapy did not work. The cyst at the left side is still growing and I will check it in 2 month.

Current Symptoms

My current symptoms are pain in left leg and moderate pelvic pain during my period. Also the symptoms of my allergy (runny nose and sneezing) has got worse since last year (the time left-side cyst started to grow).
My plan for the future is to repeat sclerotherapy for the left-side ovary but this time I will start using tablets to prevent the cyst from relapsing, hoping to help sclerotherapy to be effective and prevent the cyst recurrence permanently.

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