Endo Troubles

I was diagnosed with Endo when I was 19. In and out of the Gyno trying to figure out why it hurt to move.

How it started

It started out first just when I was on my period, then slowly it eventually made its way to once a week, two times a week....then sure enough I was in pain at least 3 times a week and I wasn't even on my period.
I eventually decided to do exploratory surgery with my gyno, and he found Endo on the left side of my uterus. Luckily it hadn't moved any further than that, but it was still pretty nasty.

Trying to find the right birth control

After that I've constantly been trying to find the right birth control to keep me from having a period so I'm not in pain, but also to keep me healthy. I'm 27 now, I've tried nearly every birth control, and I've officially developed fatty liver from those that just had way too much estrogen for me. I'm now on a progestrone only pill, and that's been working for me for the past 6 months...

A vicious cycle

I went to finally see if I could get a partial hysterectomy (yes, I know it doesn't cure it) because it was the only way to stop taking medication and get back to a regular lifestyle....only to find that my endo hasn't grown back, so I can't get my insurance company to successfully cover the surgery.
But I can't be off bc because it hurts so bad.

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