My Story

My name is Jenne and this is my Endo Story!
I've been battling this since my childhood right around the age of when my period began and my doctors chalked it up to severe cramps and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease even though I was only 12.

My early treatment experience

Their first remedy was birth control for a number of years which seemed to help for a little while but between the ages of 18-20, my cramps seem to come back full metal jacket style and unrelenting. So finally at 20, my OBGYN said let's go in for laparoscopy to see if this is endometriosis to discover that sure enough that's exactly what it was and my left ovary was very scarred due to lesions.

Multiple surgeries

Unfortunately, this OBGYN did not do a very sufficient job and I had to have another doctor go in and do another surgery to fix what she did wrong and then place me on hormone therapy afterwards to put me through chemical menopause for 6 months to essentially reset everything.

Dealing with the emotional toll

At the time, my body and brain were going through a whole lot of emotions to process let alone the hot flashes. The one thing I can say is I got to go through menopause at the same time as my Mom but it was only chemical so I'll have to go through the real thing later in life haha. Got to have a sense of humor in this world! Here we are 13 years later, I've had 3 surgeries so far for endometriosis and about to have another big one tomorrow to remove more lesions and 2 cysts. The pain has been pretty rough this go round but I think since I started having seizures again that it has made the pain hurt a lot more.

I call them drop kicking baby demons, what does everyone else call your endo pains?

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