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Endo in My Left Ribcage

What an exhausting journey I have been on. For 6.5 years l was in constant pain in my "left ribcage". I was being treated by 8 doctors & surgeons running me through countless tests, scans, & procedures to find an answer. It was through MY own research that I came across a blog post of a woman who wrote "what could have been" MY story!

She had also been through pure hell in search of an answer. Her last hope led her to an Endometriosis surgeon.

My endo has a name

Diaphragmatic Endometriosis is "extremely rare" and is estimated that only 0.6-1.5% of those who undergo surgery for endometriosis have this form. In addition, the percentage of those with endometriosis occuring on the "left side" is even more rare.

The woman in the blog & myself fell into that category!

The rarest form

The rarest form of Endometriosis is called Cerebral Endometriosis in which there are only 3 reported cases to date.

Endometrial cells can enter the blood or lymphatic fluid & travel all over your body.

Another rare form that affects your lungs is called Thoracic Endometriosis. The link below discusses a woman who after "4" lung collapses finally got an Endometriosis diagnosis.

Finding the right doctor for me

My 5.5 hour surgery was 8 years ago & performed by Dr. Ceana Nezhat in Atlanta, Ga. I have been pain-free since then.

He has 2 brothers that are Endometriosis Specialists, as well.
Camran Nezhat in California &
Farr Nezhat in New York

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