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Endo and Me

As a full-time student, working two jobs and running a small business, endometriosis has had a significant impact on my life. Let’s talk about how I've gotten support. After being formally diagnosed through laparoscopic surgery 1.5 years ago, endometriosis has become an unpredictable machine within my day-to-day life. From one referral to the next, one-year post-operation, I finally got to meet a local specialist. After a cystoscopy, numerous ultrasounds, an MRI, and hormone therapy, I have nothing left to do now but wait for my second surgery. As if I haven’t been waiting long enough already.

The me's throughout the years

12-year-old me, having periods so painful that I'd pass out at school, never would have imagined the struggle we’d go through to receive the help we needed, WHEN we needed it. 20-year-old me, missing college classes once a month, never would have thought it’d be so hard to receive the academic accommodations we deserved. 23-year-old me, never thought I would have to explain my pain during a final exam. 25-year-old me (now), never imagined I still had to advocate for myself and give explanations as to why I was “not myself”.

Community has been a saving grace in this journey

Endometriosis has contributed to a multitude of challenges, but despite the negative effects it has caused, I know I am not alone. Online support groups, talking to others, and exploring new options of therapy have been a saving grace through it all. Though Endo is different for everyone, my experience is solely mine. Endo can take over one's life, but I won't let it!

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