My endo story probably started way earlier than I even realized. I started my period at 10 years old and the pain and heaviness started not long after.

My symptoms were always awful

I’ve always bled through my clothes, had debilitating pain, constipation, bloating, has and so much more. Migraines started at 30 and my other symptoms intensified. Like so many others I’ve had countless surgeries but only after begging for answers.

I was starting to feel better

I had a partial hysterectomy at 38 (kept my ovaries). I felt great for a couple years. Then about 2 years after I started getting pain back. I had severe left leg, hip and lower back pain. I started having anal spasms and all my period pain was back. My new gyno offered trigger point injections and reluctantly agreed to do an exploratory lap. She was confident she’d find nothing.

The news I was dreading

5 hours later I woke up to news that my endo was back and was severe. Stage 4. Excision was in July of last year and now I’m having severe pain again. The ONLY option I’m getting is to remove ovaries and start Letrozole for life. I’m at a loss. I absolutely don’t want to go that route but my only other option is to do nothing and deal with the pain.
Yes, sometimes it’s hard being a women but it’s SO much harder when you have a chronic illness that you can’t see from the outside.

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