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A Message For The Guys

Hi all, There is something that I would like to convey to all the men out there whose wives, partners, and friends are suffering from endometriosis. Guys, I need you to pay attention.

You need to understand this

These priceless ladies in our lives suffering from this awful sickness. They need our love and support. We need to be aware of their needs and help at all times. Even with the little things that seem effortless to us, it can be a huge daunting task for them. Merely going to the toilet is taxing on the body with all the pain. If you have a planned outing to friends, a party, or going to the shop and you are asked to cancel as the pain is too much, do so willingly. Just remember YOU don't feel that pain.

How to step up

Guys who have not yet gone and read articles related to endometriosis, please start today. It has helped me understand, and I can relate, yes, I will never fully understand the pain, mental torment, frustration, depression, helplessness, and merely the will not to go on, but that said, we can make a difference. Listen and care.

Guys, we are there to love and care for these priceless ladies. Care, love, respect, and just understanding are all that are required.

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