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What’s an ideal gift for someone living with endo?

Do you have any favorite products? We’d love to hear your recommendations! Please share with us if you have any ideas, tips & advice for gift givers this season or for any special occasion!

Wishing you all a very happy holiday & thank you for your continued support!

Community Answers
  • ploveday
    1 day ago

    A portable heating pad!
    Gift card to a massage or acupuncturist.
    A Netflix subscription for bingeing 😂
    Thinx underwear for the spotty bleeders.
    A squatty potty for those with bowel issues.
    A Tushy bidet system, they are AMAZING!
    A seat warmer for the car because not everyone has seat warmers.
    Not specifically Endo symptom related but Loopy phone cases are great for being handy to grab the phone up when hands are full with heat pads, foods, drinks, covers, and books. 😂

  • Endo Warrior moderator
    1 month ago

    When my flare ups are bad, I crave heat, so anything that can make me warmer would be awesome. I would especially recommend:

    Heating pack shaped like a stuffed animal
    Weighted blanket
    Warm, fuzzy socks

    I also like turmeric tea or tablets (tablets are not as fun to give, but turmeric is amazingly anti-inflammatory, so great to have).

    Happy holidays!

    Christina (team member)

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