Podcasts to Help Support Your Partner With Endometriosis

I edit podcasts when I’m not writing about supporting my partner with her endometriosis. It’s my day job, and I run a small business that offers audio editing services to other entrepreneurs and small business owners.

So it’s probably no surprise that I’m a big fan of podcasts. Podcasts are how I get my news, entertainment, ideas, and inspiration.

But I get something else from podcasts that are even more valuable: support skills.

How podcasts can help living with a chronic illness

Podcasts give people from all over the world a chance to share their stories. The low-budget, DIY nature of podcasts means that stories that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible can be shared across the internet, including stories from people suffering from chronic conditions and invisible illnesses.

Despite the relatively low public and medical acknowledgment of endometriosis, there are podcasts out there about it, and there are people with first-hand experience of the condition and experts in endometriosis that have created podcasts and resources that can be accessed for free. 

Storytelling that is similar to what you are going through can be helpful. You can get advice and tips from these podcasts to help you understand your condition and deal with the symptoms of someone with endometriosis.

So, to help you navigate this world of helpful information and welcoming understanding, here are four podcasts to get you started.

This EndoLife Podcast


Host Jessica Duffin brings you guests who are challenging chronic illnesses and mental health issues in unique ways and are changing lives with their inspiring work. This podcast explores the world of endometriosis and other reproductive issues.

The Fertility Warriors Podcast


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 12 percent of American women aged 15-44 have used infertility services. Host Robyn Birkin understands what it’s like to go through a miscarriage, talks to other fertility warriors, and gives tips on conception, understanding fertility treatments, and general well-being throughout your journey.

In Sickness + In Health


This show is where the “personal is political, and bodily autonomy, healthcare, and disability rights are considered human rights without question.” Discussions on chronic illness, disability, healthcare, and mortality intersect.

The Hilarious World Of Depression


The Hilarious World Of Depression is a series of conversations with comedians who have experienced depression. This show isn’t about endometriosis, but depression is a common symptom that will be familiar to endo patients. The shows use humor to reflect and encourage those with clinical depression.

Are there any podcasts that you listen to that help you out? Leave them in the comments!

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