Staying Cool in the Summer

Let’s be honest, endometriosis pain isn’t pleasant any time of year, but summertime just seems to be the worst, in my opinion.

As much as I love carefree summer days at the beach, summer heat can make me feel more irritated and uncomfortable in my body. Add in endo belly, cramping, digestive distress, and you’re likely running for your air-conditioned bedroom as quickly as I am to mine.

So how can we find opportunities to navigate life with endometriosis and still enjoy the summer? It’s all about staying chill... literally. Keeping my body cool makes all the difference in my opinion, and I’m willing to bet it can help you too. Here are my best cooling strategies for the summer.

Ice water

I know, you’re likely reading this and thinking, “Really, that’s one of your best strategies?” Yup. And I’m sharing it first because it’s not only that important, but it’s also the first to be overlooked.

I strive for half my body weight in ounces of water every day. My preference is room temperature water, but during the summer months, ice water makes a big difference in keeping my body temperature in check. One little trick that I often do with ice water is ordering a glass if I’m out at a restaurant and resting the inside of my wrists against the cold glass as I’m sitting at the table. Cooling down the pulse points of your body can help to effectively cool down the body as a whole.

Peppermint essential oil

This is one of my favorite cooling strategies, because it’s so unexpected. I loved learning that peppermint essential oil can help to regulate body temperature. So, I carry a roller bottle of peppermint essential oil in my purse. And when I feel temperatures rising, I roll a little on my pulse points – inside of wrists, neck, etc.

I also happen to love the fact that peppermint essential oil is also energizing so it can give me a boost of energy too. Some people may find that they’re sensitive to peppermint essential oil, so I like to dilute it with some fractionated coconut oil or another neutral carrier oil. And of course, making sure that you’re getting good quality essential oils is important too.

Cooling gear

I had no idea how many cooling devices were on the market. There are cooling hats, cooling scarves and towels, cooling vests, and so much more. I pull these out on the super hot days. A cooling towel and scarf can be an easy thing if you’re outside hiking, canoeing, or even at the beach.

The cooling vest is my biggest tool to combat heat. I use this one if I’m doing an outdoor summer workout or if we’re in the middle of a heat wave and I have an outdoor activity.

Do you feel affected by the heat? If so, what are your favorite strategies to navigate it during the hot months so you can still enjoy your favorite summer activities?

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