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A Playlist that Helps Me Cope When I'm on My Period

When I first told my psychiatrist how I felt exhausted and anxious during my period, she recommended that I create a "Period Playlist" as a self-care tool.

"It's not like music can take away your cramps. But listening to your favorite songs may help make your flares a little less emotionally painful, at least," the psychiatrist told me.

I was definitely a little hesitant, yet it turns out that there's some awesome medical research that backs up the efficacy of music therapy1. Psychologist Daniel J. Levitin argues that music can help patients relax and can distract them from their pain.

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A University of Alberta study found that patients who listened to music reported feeling less pain and anxiety when they had an IV inserted in comparison to patients who got an IV without listening to any music1.

While music won't heal my endometriosis, it can heal my spirit.

While your taste in music may differ from mine, I prefer listening to punk songs or indie music with quick beats. After all, what's more punk than me surviving as my body fights against my own inflamed tissue?

I think I have a right to embrace my teenage angst again by listening to some alternative and indie beats.

Here are the songs I play on loop when I'm on my period.

The ultimate period playlist

  1. Dolly Parton: 9 to 5
  2. Set it Off: Killer in the Mirror
  3. Cosmo Sheldrake: Birthday Suit
  4. Lil Nas X: Panini
  5. Ice Nine Kills: Welcome to Horrorwood
  6. Lady Gaga: Bloody Mary
  7. Glass Animals: Youth
  8. Crane Wives: Tongues and Teeth
  9. Weathers: C'est La Vie
  10. Bear Ghost: Sirens
  11. Jamila Woods: Giovanni
  12. Little Dragon: Lover Chanting
  13. Saint Motel: A Good Song Never Dies
  14. Straight Line Stitch: Promise Me
  15. Fazerdaze: Lucky Girl

What music do you jam to when you're on your period? Do you have your own playlist?

Comment with your song recommendations below.

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