3 Reasons Why I Love Period Panties

Last updated: January 2019

I can't always predict the exact day my period will start. It's usually within a three-day window, but I also have about a week of menstrual cramps that make it feel like it's going to start at any moment. This is frustrating because I don't like wearing pantyliners when I don't need to, and I also don't want to stain my regular underwear with a surprise start. And once my period does begin, sometimes it's so heavy I can’t change my tampon quick enough to avoid leaks.

That's where period panties come in. My brand of choice is Thinx, but a quick Google search will bring up other brands that I'm sure also get the job done. A pair of Thinx cost between $32-$38 (teen options are around $20), which I know isn't cheap. But after two years, and many birthday and Christmas presents later, I have a complete set that lasts a week: three light, two medium, and two heavy.

Here's how they've helped relieve some of my period anxiety.

I stress less about the start

Thinx are cute and comfortable on their own. They don't feel like diapers, as some of my friends have asked. I have no problem wearing them as regular underwear during the is-it-going-to-start-today timeframe. I don't have to worry if I'm going to get a period surprise during my sleep or in the middle of a situation where I can't get to a bathroom. I just hand wash each pair at the end of the day, which means I can wear my three pairs of lights for a week if my period is late.

I don't worry about leaking

I have a very heavy flow the first two days. If I'm wearing a tampon, I need to change it every four hours to prevent an overflow situation. Whether I'm working all day or hiking in the woods, sometimes I just can't change it that frequently. With one pair of heavy Thinx — which should hold two tampons worth of blood — I can go a full eight hours without having to worry about rushing to the bathroom.

They're great for sleeping

I don't really like wearing menstrual products throughout the night. Tampons aren't particularly comfortable if I wear them for long periods; pads don't always prevent leakage when I'm lying down. Period panties are a convenient way for me to solve both of these problems.

You can use period panties as a back-up

I know other women with endometriosis (and heavy flows) who pair their period panties with a tampon to relieve leakage anxiety. Wearing a pair of absorbent underwear makes them feel less stress about changing their menstrual product on a tight time frame throughout the day.

Having endometriosis is stressful enough. For me, period panties relieve some of the anxiety that goes along with my monthly cycle. I know menstrual underwear is a little on the expensive side, but to me, being able to relieve even a little bit of period stress is priceless.

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