Our Favorite Endo Friendly Desserts

Jess’ love for desserts is so deep that she dreams of one day releasing a sugar-free endo-friendly dessert book! Chris’ love for desserts is equally as dedicated and we spend way too much time tagging each other in ridiculous sugary Instagram creations.

Of course, we don’t make these monster desserts – instead, we take inspiration from them and make our sugar-free versions, which in total honesty, we entirely prefer. There is something incredibly satisfying about enjoying a delicious dessert without the sugar coming down or pain flare (in Jess’s case)!

Today, we’re sharing our favorite dessert recipes and hope you’ll love them as much as we do.


Jess: Crumble has a special place in my heart. It was one of the first dishes I began to embrace after recovering from my 11-year eating disorder. Of course, back then, it was laden with sugar and refined flours!

Our crumbles are rich with anti-inflammatory, low-sugar fruits like plums, peaches, and berries. They’re also topped with healthy fat from coconut oil, excellent hormone-supportive nutrients, protein from the ground almonds, a blood sugar balancing, symptom-relieving, and an anti-inflammatory boost from cinnamon and other warming spices.

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Chris: The fruity base of the crumble stays free from added sugar but still deliciously sweet by using inulin syrup instead of sugar to form the rich stewed sauce a crumble develops when cooked. And as Jess mentioned above, the actual crumble is full of almond flour, coconut oil, and other additions like nuts, seeds or still cut oats. This allows us to add extra nutrients or an omega boost to this delicious dessert.

Ice Cream

Chris: To make our super creamy ice cream, we blend a couple of cups of nut milk with a jar of nut butter (normally cashew or almond), a little vanilla extract (or whatever flavor we're going for), and liquid pure stevia drops to taste, then put it straight in the ice cream maker. Simple!

It can be easily adapted to any ice cream flavor - we've made mint choc chop, stracciatella, chocolate hazelnut, and vanilla - but we always use this base of oat or almond milk and cashew or almond butter. You can blend soaked whole cashews, but we find the butter results in a much creamier, stretchier, gelato-like texture.

Jessica: This is the best ice cream I’ve ever eaten!

Nut butter offers a rich amount of protein, healthy fat, anti-inflammatory antioxidants like vitamin E, and hormone-supportive nutrients like zinc.

Of course, we’re avoiding inflammatories like sugar which means we’re not worsening pain. Additionally, the lack of sugar means we’re also not spiking blood sugar levels, which can lead to hormonal imbalances and inflammation. Additional ingredients like cacao provide another antioxidant-rich boost as well.

Some things to be mindful of is that this ice cream is still high in fat, healthy fats of course, but still very high – so it’s not something to eat daily! It’s also very high in fiber, so that it wouldn’t be ideal for anyone on a low FODMAP or SIBO diet.


Jessica: My go-to dessert when I used to devour sugar was a warm fudgy brownie with ice cream.

Now, I’ve thankfully and finally designed the perfect endo-friendly brownie recipe packed with hormone-supportive nutrients like B vitamins from black beans, iron, and magnesium. If there was ever a dessert to have on your period, this is the one, thanks to its replenishing nutrients that we often lose!

Chris: But don't be fooled by the healthy benefits of these brownies or the fact that they contain black beans! These brownies are so decadent - it's hard not to eat the whole tray. In fact, I'm pretty sure I have at some point while Jess was recipe testing!

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