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Finding the Magic with Endometriosis: Part 2

In my previous piece on magic and endometriosis, I wrote about how magic, in particular, the Harry Potter series, helped me through some of my toughest times with the condition.

Today, magic is still a very integral part of my life. It brings me constant joy, comfort and self-discovery.

The impacts of endometriosis

Endometriosis can take a huge chunk of your youth away, and I spent a lot of my twenties, and even my teenage years, feeling older than my age, world-weary and physically exhausted. The Harry Potter universe continues to expand with plays, spin off movies and events, so every year, there’s usually one or two Harry Potter related activities I can partake in that allow me to feel that youthful, child-like spirit once again. I live an existence which is very calculated, nearly every decision I make comes back to the question “How will this affect endometriosis?”, so having these moments of fun and light relief are essential to my wellbeing.

Additionally, the podcast Harry Potter and The Sacred Text, helps me to make sense of the world we live in and the joys and pains we each suffer. The show is based around exploring the books through various themes, which ultimately leads us to drawing parallels between our world and lives, to the wizard’s world and lives. Each week, a listener calls in and often talks about the way in which Harry Potter and the podcast itself, has helped them process difficult things in their lives and in society. There’s something very special about sharing our stories in this personal way, and connecting them through something we all love. Listening to other people’s stories not only helps me gain a different perspective on my own physical and mental health, but it also continuously renews my compassion, hope and spirit.

Finding healing in magic

Another form of magic I found almost at the same time as my return to Hogwarts, was the emerging world of modern day magic. When I was younger, I had a few crystals; I played with angel cards and read books about love spells. But that was all long forgotten as I grew up and classified those childhood interests as ‘woo-woo’ and hippy. But cut to 2015, and London is full of tarot readings, crystal shops, women’s circles, and ritual spaces.

There is a beautiful movement of spiritual healing through traditional and ‘magical’ practices taking place across the globe, and these spaces are often made by women for women. Before this is misconstrued, none of this work is to do with satanism – the focus is on our connection with our souls, the universe, our source and each other. It’s about feeling empowered, at peace and connected to our inner selves. The circles, workshops and events I’ve attended have been pivotal to my personal healing. I’ve been able to explore my hopes, dreams and struggles in a safe space, using tools and modes that encourage imagination, joy and connection. Whilst I’m all for talking therapies (and have tried many of them), sometimes you just need to work through your struggles whilst chatting with other women, surrounded by incense, candles and crystals.

Whether real or not, magic has the power to transform lives.

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