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My Life Before Endometriosis

Sometimes, I find it hard to look back and think about the last time I truly felt healthy. Was there ever such a time in my life? I had a normal childhood. I was active, always doing sports, outside playing with the neighborhood kids until the street lights came on, and eating whatever I wanted. Of course, I also spent a lot of my time in the nurse’s office. Many believed I was there often because I didn’t like school all that much. Most of the subjects scared me, and I had a hard time grasping material. I always prayed my teacher would not call on me to answer a question, because 99% of the time, I didn’t know it. However, most times the doctor did find something. Usually strep throat or an ear infection.

But, what was it that was so different years ago?

I had more energy

I think about how much energy I had when I was younger. Of course, that is normal. We age, things begin to tire us more often and easily. But the tiring I began to feel was not normal. For years, I was an athlete- even during college. And if I wasn’t playing sports, I was out dancing. I never had a lazy bone in my body. Broken, but never lazy! A year or two before my diagnosis, everyday tasks were STILL pretty easy to me. But out of the blue, my body began to shut down. Walking up steps was a difficult task- something a 28-year-old should not struggle doing.

Dairy, gluten, & meats were all part of my diet

Food has always been a favorite thing of mine. Being active meant I was usually always hungry. Fast food, all though not often, was a go-to if we were running late for practice. Or, if they had an awesome happy meal toy that I just HAD to have! The only stomachaches or bloat I would experience was if I ate way too much birthday cake at a party or popcorn at a sleepover. Being told I couldn’t eat this and that because it would make me sick, never existed.

Achy bones only existed after a tough practice

I cannot remember the last time my body didn’t ache. Years ago, aches only occurred after a long cheerleading or lacrosse practice. And, it was nothing some Ibuprofen couldn’t fix. I sometimes think about how I would much rather experience the pain from my broken arm over and over again, than the constant pain endometriosis causes me on a daily basis.

I enjoyed social interaction

Years ago, I would do anything to spend every waking moment being around other people. I enjoyed the interaction and being able to talk amongst other human beings. It was easy for me to make plans and stick with them. Whenever endometriosis started showing its ugly self, I began to want to isolate myself. I found it a lot harder to be in social situations. My anxiety is always on high alert, and I never know when I am going to burst out in tears.

When I started realizing these few changes in my life, I knew something was wrong. It was not just because I was getting older. Something was not right with my health and I needed to figure out just what was going on. Next (coming soon), I talk about my endometriosis diagnosis.

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