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Preparing for a Hurricane During an Endo Flare

On a day in early November, I watched out my window as the sky darkened and the wind battered the trees. Hurricane Nicole was approaching my Florida home.

I had collected most of the classic emergency supplies: candles, potable water, and canned food. However, as the storm rolled across the horizon, I realized I was missing some key items.

For the first time, I was having an endo flare while I was also stuck at home during a hurricane. I could make do with the items I had at home, but I have now amended my emergency shopping list to add some endo-friendly supplies to my kit.

Putting together an emergency kit for endo supplies

Remember that this list is specific to my endometriosis symptoms and coping strategies. This list does not include the basics I already had in my emergency kit, like flashlights, batteries, food, etc.

Before you create your endo-friendly emergency kit, consult with your doctor and consider the supplies that would be most helpful to you.

My emergency hygiene supplies:

  • Wet wipes or moist towelettes
  • Extra water to soak soiled clothing and to flush the toilet
  • Extra pads or tampons
  • Period panties

My emergency pain relief supplies:

  • A hand-crank fan or a cooling necktie to stay cool when I get overheated during an endo flare, especially if I lose my air conditioning during a power outage
  • My prescriptions and over-the-counter meds that I might need
  • Salonpas, Icy Hot, or CBD lotion. My freezer and kettle won't work during a power outage, so these pain-relieving ointments are helpful backups for my usual hot water bottle and ice pack
  • Charged battery pack to power my TENS unit and phone

My emergency comfort supplies:

  • Clothing that does not constrict my stomach
  • Books, crafting supplies, or other items that can keep me occupied
  • List of stretches or yoga poses so I can stay flexible and active

My emergency food considerations:

Many prepackaged foods are high in sodium and simple sugars. Items like canned soups and snack cakes are helpful during an emergency because they're easy to store and eat.

However, medical researchers have found that eating too much sugar or salt can lead to more inflammation. This inflammation can worsen some of my endo symptoms, like bloating and abdominal irritation. I try to opt for foods with a long shelf life and reduced sodium or sugar. 1

If I stock my pantry with fiber-rich and protein-rich foods, I can maintain balance even if I'm stuck indoors for several days.

Have you considered your endometriosis symptoms as you've prepared for a natural disaster? What do you include in your endo-friendly emergency kit?

Share your ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

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