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The Holistic Treatment for Endometriosis That You’ve Never Heard Of: Part 1

Many women want to be proactive in treating their endometriosis - if only they were aware of the full spectrum of treatment options. I assumed that the only options were surgery, birth control, diet, and exercise.

Searching for alternative treatment options

I had never heard of herbal PeriSteaming until I talked with Teresa Harris, owner of Womb Abloom Belly Wellness Studio, based in Ormond Beach, Florida. Her center specializes in holistic solutions to women’s reproductive health issues.

Harris, an endo sufferer herself, swears by PeriSteaming, having found the practice after her first miscarriage. “After I miscarried, I was looking for a holistic way to heal—I just felt very under-cared for,” says Harris. “I Googled ‘how to heal from a miscarriage in a holistic way’ and found PeriSteaming. I immediately bought a steam seat and herbs, and then called my husband, and I said, ‘A weird package is about to show up at the house.'”

That was her introduction. Harris, a certified yoga therapist, fell quickly down the rabbit hole and took a steam practitioner course to share this loving treatment with as of her clients as possible.

What is PeriSteaming?

So just what is PeriSteaming? This treatment involves the use of steam and herbs to increase circulation to the entire pelvic basin, including the pelvic floor, uterus, and cervix. It provides relief from menstrual cramping, helps regulate menstrual cycles, and helps a woman overcome fertility challenges. For a session, a woman will sit on top of a steam chair—a small sauna box that delivers steam. A woman can either purchase a steam chair from a site such as SteamyChick.com, although it’s recommended to start your steams with someone like Harris, who is trained in the practice.

Starting off with a practitioner is ideal because that person will explore your medical history with you, and will uncover any sensitivities you may have, and will determine the amount of time and combination of herbs best suited for you. The practitioner will set up the treatment, then leaves the room while you enjoy. It's designed to be a quiet, relaxing time to get re-centered.

“The first time I steamed, I cried—in a good way. I could not believe in all my years of menstruating that I had never done something so kind for my lady parts.” Says Harris, “It feels like a facial for your vulva.”

How PeriSteaming fits into self-care and reproductive health

It is interesting that self-care has become a hot topic in the last few years, but dedicating special attention to the unique aspects of women’s health is still an uncommon practice. And yet, our menstrual cycle is a big part of our health. In Eastern medicine, our reproductive health is directly linked to not just fertility but also creativity. Many women often feel ‘blocked’ in their careers and in life; Eastern medicine would suggest that a first step toward healing would be to pay more attention to reproductive health. And why not, especially when it feels good? A practice such as PeriSteaming can not only reduce endo symptoms but can also shift energy and lead to overall greater wellness.

Harris provides the service in Ormond Beach, Florida, but for anyone outside the Central Florida area, I find that the best place to find a certified PeriSteaming practitioner is through the Steamy Chick directory.

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