The Frustrations of Endometriosis

Last updated: May 2019

I have been battling stage four endometriosis for 15 years. I most definitely understand the various avenues of where frustrations can occur from. For most of my life, it seemed like only my mother and God himself witnessed and understood the endless means and torments that I faced because of my condition. When Health Union decided to create a community for endometriosis, I was ecstatic because in my day, there was no where to turn for information or assistance with advocacy or even to interact with other individuals with endometriosis.

Frustrations with doctors

This one I know all too well. When I first started having issues, I was a teenager; at that point in time, most doctors still believed that teenagers could not have endometriosis. We went through 15 specialists before we found a clinic with two doctors who took my case seriously. You wouldn't believe the amount of anger that a mother and daughter can accumulate after multiple doctors saying that I was simply "depressed and being dramatic about my periods".

Frustrations with non-supportive family

The next thing worse than doctors who do not believe you (or try to say your case is not as bad as it truly is) comes in the form of non-supportive family members. I, myself, had grandmothers and a sister telling me the same thing that some of the doctors did, that I was just being a baby about my "normal" periods. When your family cannot be supportive of you and what you are dealing with health-wise, the frustration keeps building and starts turning into anger.

Frustrations with medications

Once you find a doctor to work with you on treating your endometriosis, there is an endless amount of treatment options. After 15 years of treating endometriosis, I had a written list of all the different medications we tried to control my endometriosis, because honestly, I just cannot remember all of the names. Of course, there is also the treatment (such as the laparoscopic surgery) that is required to be diagnosed with endometriosis.

Us Advocates

Here on this website, us advocates are trying to help everyone that reads our articles. While some article may seem ‘basic’ for individuals who have had endometriosis for many years, they are helpful for those who are newly diagnosed. We strive to keep the articles appropriate for everyone and to touch on every subject as they come to us. I do hate to see when some readers take out their frustrations on the advocates for; If there is an article subject you would like to see written about, don’t hesitate to let us know and hopefully, one of us can write about it for you. We most definitely do not want you to feel frustrated with what information we are making available online.

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