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Finding Support for Endometriosis Flares

Water bottle: check. Weighted blanket: check. Pain pals: check.

I am currently tucked into a ball on my couch. My little fur babies are cuddled into the blanket with me.

This blanket that we are sharing is a wintery, fuzzy weighted blanket. Within my reach are things such as my water bottle, my phone, my laptop, and my medications.

What more could I ask for when my pain is elevated so much?

Weighted support during pain

When my pain is through the roof, one of the best aids that I have is my weighted support. The first component of this weighted support is my weighted blankets.

I honestly have a few here at home. My original style is the heavier of the two.

It also has a “normal” blanket material. Where it lacks any frills, it makes up with functionality.

My newest weighted blanket is not as heavy as the other one. Despite this, it is still heavy enough to provide benefits of weight.

Additionally, it is super fuzzy and warm which provides another element of comfort. When I was growing up, my mother always said I was a ‘blankie baby.’

Furry support

Living with endometriosis can feel lonely. It can be especially lonely on bad flare days.

The dogs that live in my house provide some of the best companionship available. They enjoy cuddling with me.

On the silly side, sometimes I find myself talking to them as though they really could understand me. For me, it helps combat loneliness.

They also cannot ask frustrating questions about when I will be better. The dogs also do not put out endless advice on how to make my endometriosis or this flare go away. They simply want to cuddle.

Needing supportive assistance

I have a bad habit of trying to push through my pain. Unless it brings me to my knees, I try to continue to ‘adult.’

Today is not a day that I can push through my pain. While I may not be in a ball on the floor, I am figuratively on my knees in my little cocoon.

Unfortunately, my body is vocal about the pain it is in, but also about being hungry. Hunger can strike at the most frustrating times.

Normally, it shows up when I am completely nauseous from the pain. This time I notice sadly that I do not have one of my protein bars within reach.

Therefore, I weigh my options. Do I want to leave my warm, comfortable burrow to find something quick and easy to eat?

Human aupport

Today is one of those days that I will choose to stay in my cocoon. I found myself lucky today.

Despite my pain, my other half is available today. This allows me to stay in my cocoon with the dogs while he prepares something for us to eat.

While I did not eat much, it provided my body with something to work off. Honestly, if I was home alone today, I simply would not have eaten anything until much later.

I suppose I am bad about not making sure that I eat enough when I am hurting.

What things provide you support during your endometriosis flares?

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