How Can You Pursue Your Dreams When You Have Endometriosis? Part 2

Last updated: April 2020

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In Part 2 of my series on pursuing your dreams, even with endometriosis, I’m sharing my tips on how I work now in order to achieve my ambitions and look after my health. Before I dive in, know this – I’m not perfect. I’m writing this today after being up for a few hours in the night with bladder pain from my interstitial cystitis, and having slept through my alarm as a result. My point is, it’s messy.

But, despite this, I have created a business. A real business. On top of that, I have a nutritionist who’s helping me work out this bladder pain thing, and every day I take steps towards achieving the health I want. It’s not perfect, it’s progress.

In the past year or two, I have experienced a level of productivity and clarity I’ve never before experienced and I’ve seen the results in the formation of my dreams. So what made the difference? And what can you do to achieve your own career dreams when you have endometriosis?

Eat well

This might induce eye rolls, but it’s the most important. If I eat an inflammatory diet, I’m in pain. If I eat an anti-inflammatory diet, I’m not – and I can work!

Another key player for me was learning to balance my blood sugar levels. Doing so really stabilized my energy levels and shifted my fatigue and brain fog for the better.

Go. To. Sleep.

I am more inspired, motivated, and in less pain when I have slept well. My brain fog and fatigue are almost insignificant when I’ve slept well. Yes, there are lots of other things I do to counteract those symptoms, but the most effective one is getting adequate sleep for someone living with a chronic condition, and for me that’s between 8-10 hours.


Mentally, I feel strongest when I work out – in whatever way. I try to go for 30 minute walks each morning to get some sunlight to my eyes and let my body and brain know it’s time to wake up.

I also start my morning with a ten-minute yoga sequence to get rid of any pains that have accumulated overnight and to also bring me a moment of stillness before my day really begins. And throughout the day, I take short breaks to do bursts of endo-friendly cardio or Pilates exercises. It’s these moments of movement that make me feel capable and strong, but also give my mind a bit of a reset and energize me for the work ahead.


Where would I be without podcasts? Quite honestly – it’s a scary thought! I binge on podcasts and add them into my every day routine. I use podcasts to motivate me and educate my decisions around my health, business, finances, and relationships.

One of the reasons I love podcasts is because when I’m low, feeling uninspired, or demotivated, podcasts give me the lift I need to feel excited about my dreams again.

Use hacks

Like most entrepreneurs, I bio-hack my way to being productive. I guess the difference is, the other entrepreneurs are a bit more ahead of me already energy wise. For me, some of the key tools are using focus music and drinking lion’s mane and cordyceps-based lattes to boost my cognitive function.

Start slow

Don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure to make it happen. Allow yourself the time to save so you can feel financially secure and to work, so you don’t have to put the pressure on yourself to turn your dream into a paying business from the get-go.

What are your dreams?

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