When Motivation is Low

I am forever grateful for everyone who came before me to discover the therapeutic benefits of using food as medicine. Removing gluten and dairy has helped me to eliminate the symptoms of endometriosis, migraines, and even multiple sclerosis.

Using food to control endo symptoms

Of course, it’s not just about what I’ve eliminated, it’s been equally as important as what I’ve put in its place. I’ve replaced the inflammatory foods with nutrient dense foods – specifically a rainbow of veggies. I’ve changed my diet and I’ve changed my health.

Full disclaimer, I still believe in medicine and take it as needed, I just always turn to diet and lifestyle first. This approach has worked well for me over the years, and I respect everyone’s decision to take the approach that works bests for their body. But I want to share the reality of using food as medicine in a way that is not often talked about... because it’s not the positive side of it.

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What motivates you to prioritize your health?

Sometimes, as much as you know the benefits you can get through food, there inevitably comes a time when you’re running low on motivation. And if this is something that you’re doing on your own, your family members may be quick to encourage you to “get loose” a bit on your dietary restrictions. They mean well... However, they don’t realize the impacts that those foods can have on your body. What you need to turn to in those moments is your reason for wanting to get healthy in the first place.

We all say that we want to get healthy and if you’re part of the endo community, you’re doing it because you want to get out of that unbearable cycle of pain, but there’s something beyond that. What do you want your health for? What is the driving force inside you that says "The best is yet to come in your life!"? That is what we want to be healthy for! Maybe it’s travels. Maybe it’s family. Maybe it’s a mission you feel called to in life. That is what you need to call upon in those moments of motivation.

The endo community is here to support you!

And if you’re still wavering, tap into a community like this one right here! Listen to other’s stories who are on the very same path as you. Is there an aspect in their story that can help you along in this moment?

Or perhaps you hop into comments section or on the Facebook page to share your experience and ask for some encouragement. The important aspect is arriving with the intention to move past this stagnant place. If you show up ready and willing to move forward, you just need a little extra encouragement in the moment, you’ll find yourself back on track with far greater ease.

And of course, on days when you’re feeling your best, be sure to show up for others who need a little encouragement. That is actually what I find to be most rewarding and one could easily build the case that this is something that can help us even on our down days. When we focus on others, it can build a sense of gratitude in our hearts that in turns is healing to us as well.

So, in short, it’s okay and 100% normal to have days where you’re feeling less-than-motivated to keep going with your healthy habits, but that just means we’ve hit a little bump, it doesn’t mean that we give up. Plug into a supportive community and maybe you even decide to give that support to others.

Let’s start now, what advice would you give to someone who needs a reminder of why healthy habits are important? Post below so we can all be lifted up today!

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