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Top 3 Takeaways from “Stink” Documentary

I was starting to hear some buzz around the Netflix documentary “Stink”, so I decided to tune in. Over the years of managing migraines, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, and multiple sclerosis, I’ve taken a very proactive approach of integrating the best of western and eastern medicine. So I embrace medicine when needed and independent of that, I also take a very proactive approach through diet and lifestyle.

I’ll admit, though, one area that I have turned a knowingly blind eye to is my exposure to chemicals and toxins in my environment, especially my home. So, I decided to begin opening my eyes via this documentary and here’s what I discovered.

We aren’t protected

The government is not protecting us from harmful chemicals that are put in our bath, beauty, and cleaning products. This is not a dramatization of some crunchy-granola, only-organic people, this is straight facts.

As stated in the movie, the US government has banned about 10 chemicals that they have deemed to be harmful, whereas the Europe Union has banned 1,200 chemicals. Yes more than 1,000 chemicals are in products lining our shelves that Europe has determined to be too great of a health risk to put on the market in their country.

The most alarming of all the claims was that the two biggest concerns with these chemicals is that they’re not only carcinogens (cancer-causing), but they’re also endocrine disrupters – meaning they negatively affect our hormones and can even affect fertility. Living with endometriosis, I want and need all the odds stacked in my favor for fertility and healthy, balanced hormones.

I’m not one for scare tactics, but that’s certainly something to consider the reality of what this means for you and your family.

We can’t wait

For me, I already have been diagnosed with three autoimmune diseases and am about to get married and start a family. I also lost my mother to kidney cancer when she had absolutely no risk factors for the disease.

So, to say that I understand the value of protecting our health is an understatement. It’s time, at least for me personally, that I clean up my exposure to toxins in my environment. I can’t wait for the laws to change or the companies to change their products. That will take years, at best, sadly.

Keep it simple

While I may be inspired to make a complete overhaul of my products, the swap doesn’t have to be complication.

The simplest way for me to change products is through a quick, DIY products that are basically essential oils and vinegar. That’s what works for me because I’m already into using essential oils.

If that’s not your thing, use the Environmental Working Group site and app to check the quality of the products you’re using. They have an app that enables you to scan the barcode of a product and receive a ranking if it’s level of risk to your health. It’s easy and will probably be the simplest way to start cleaning out your products.

And keep in mind, to help from a budget perspective, maybe you choose to buy a more natural version whenever you need to replace a new product. That’s the approach that I’m going to take with my make up because that’s more of an investment to me than creating a more green all purpose cleaner for my home.

Have you swapped out products in your home to reduce your chemical exposure? Tell us about your experience below! What was helpful? Anything that you’d recommended not to do/try?

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