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Excision Surgery May Be the Gold Standard, But...

We all have learned and heard about excision surgery being the gold standard. Or the best way to treat endometriosis.

If you are brand new here, maybe you are just learning this. But something not talked about enough is not being able to get surgery.

I think I am included in promoting surgery as the only way to find healing. While so many of us have a better chance of finding relief by physically removing endometriosis, it doesn't have to be the only way to try and treat pain.

Surgery to treat pain

It was scary to bring this topic up at first because I was that person who would be mad to see something like this being said. As someone who has had three surgeries, I realize surgery isn't the only answer. It should not be the only treatment we push other warriors towards, especially when they find out they have endometriosis.

Getting surgery every time we feel pain isn't easy for many. Not only does continuous surgery take a toll on our bodies, but it also affects our bank accounts.

So it truly is important to share other things that our community can try instead of always being told: "surgery is the gold standard." Because I will be real and honest for a quick second, surgery has not done anything for me in regards to taking away my pain or helping me find relief.

So what else can we recommend or talk about more? Here is a list of a few things I have experienced myself or have heard others say have been helpful.

Reminder, this is in no way an article to replace surgery or tell you what to do. You must do what is best for you and what you and your doctor agree on. It is simply a piece to let you know there are other options if surgery isn't something you can do right away or even at all.

Diet change

I used to eye roll at this one. I hated when people told me, "just change your diet."

But again, with honesty, changing my diet has been so helpful with certain symptoms I was experiencing. Sometimes, just taking out certain foods you eat can help with inflammation, pain, discomfort, and GI symptoms. Avoiding inflammatory foods can really help manage endometriosis for a longer period of time.

Don't take out food randomly without consulting your doctor or a health care professional.


Endometriosis most likely means having tons of other chronic illnesses tagging along, wreaking havoc in our bodies. That also means we most likely lack the nutrients we need. A lot of times, we can get these nutrients by eating certain foods, but that's not always the case. So sometimes, an extra little push is needed.

I didn't realize how low my magnesium was, but when I started taking a magnesium supplement, I saw major changes for the better!

I suggest consulting a healthcare professional before buying and trying supplements.


I just shared a joke about this the other day on my Instagram of a skeleton with the words next to it, "Waiting for yoga to cure my endometriosis." Because hearing "just do yoga" is annoying.

But at the same time, yoga isn't meant to cure our illness, but I will tell you, it can help a lot with all kinds of pains.

Especially stretching. YouTube has so many different chronic illness stretches, or yoga poses you can use.

PT Therapy

This could still be pricey for some, but it may still be less than surgery. Pelvic Floor Therapy has helped many endometriosis warriors I have come across. It is definitely a nice option to have to try and manage pain if surgery is something you just can't do.


I know this one is a heated debate. I know this because I refuse to take the medications most doctors will provide for endometriosis.

I still think this is important to share because many other endometriosis warriors have found much relief taking certain medications that they and their doctors agreed upon.

Other tools

There are many other tools you can use to help manage your endometriosis. Heating pads, TENS unit, ice packs, weighted blankets, acupuncture mats (or going for acupuncture), tea, pelvic massages, CBD, and castor oil packs.

At the end of the day, you have to decide what is best for you. We all may have endometriosis, but we all handle our endometriosis differently.

Along with the other types of chronic illnesses that come with it. So it is important to understand that what works for someone else may not work for you.

What treatments have you tried to manage your endometriosis instead of surgery?

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