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Last updated: March 2021

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More than 50 million Americans are living with allergies. Allergens can take shape in many forms, with widespread and serious effects on our well-being and mental health. For example, respiratory allergies can sour a spring day, insect allergens can come on suddenly, and latex, food, and medical allergens can bring great stress for people with allergies and caregivers alike.

Allergies and endometriosis: What is the connection?

People living with endometriosis have an increased risk for living with a number of autoimmune disorders, including allergies, which studies have shown are more common. One 2014 study found that people with endometriosis are more likely to have allergies, including respiratory and food sensitivities. Our own 3rd Endometriosis In America survey data supports this finding, with 54 percent of 1,234 respondents also diagnosed with allergies.1,2

The findings suggest there is a connection between endometriosis and allergies. However, it is unclear how people living with endometriosis are directly impacted by their allergies. To better understand how endo warriors are affected by allergies, we are fielding our 2021 Allergies In America survey. By taking our survey, you can bring awareness to the realities of life with allergies.

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