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Weekends Without Alcohol

I’ve never been a big drinker. Sure, I drank in college, at work happy hours and with friends on the weekend, but it was always within a small limit. I just didn’t like how I felt drinking alcohol, or more so, how I felt the next day. I, honestly, would have two drinks and feel awful the next day. I was tired, felt lethargic during my morning workout, and concentration was a struggle throughout the day. Now, as I get older, I start to wonder, do I even want it anymore?

I know that it doesn’t support my healing. Alcohol is known to create inflammation in the body – especially if consumed on a regular basis or in large quantities. But if I stop what would my weekends look like? It’s not to suggest that every weekend involves alcohol, but it usually works its way into at least one activity.

I’ve done nutritional detox programs before were you eliminate alcohol, among many other things, for 30 days. It really wasn’t a big challenge for me, although I did feel better by doing so. While I don’t want to take my typical rigid stance of cutting something out completely and forever, I to think it’s an opportunity to explore alternatives for my weekend social gatherings.

Choose healthy

One of the biggest ways to support your heathy choices is to select locations that have mocktail options. There are several places that have fresh juice cocktails that are delicious.

Pop in a splurge

Obviously. not everyplace with have fresh cold-pressed juices, but there are alternatives there as well. For me, I rarely drink soda. I drank it on occasion as a kid, but it just fell out of my normal beverage repertoire over the years. So, I’ll often get a soda as my “special” drink at a bar.

Diversify activities

If you’re constantly finding yourself at a bar on a Friday or Saturday night, maybe you suggest an alternative location to your friends. There are actually more interactive options now than there have ever been. Of course, you have the oldie but goodie bowling night, but many people are gathering for an axe throwing night, painting or pottery or escape room challenges.

Hostess with the mostest

Why not host your own mocktail evening? Invite your friends over and have a selection of ingredients out that they can either concoct their own mocktail or you can create a signature drink in advance that you serve.

What I like about this most is that there are options. Maybe it’s just a matter of mixing it up. That’s what I’d like to do for myself. Knowing me, what happens is that over time I just like the healthier alternatives more and more that it becomes my new norm. In the meantime, my body gets all the perks.

I’m curious to know, have you eliminated alcohol from your diet? If so, what has been the biggest benefit? And please share any non-alcohol tips with us too!

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