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Working with Endo

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum having just discovered it but was hoping to hear about other people's experiences and journeys, since I don't know anyone else in person. My question today is surrounding the workplace. How do you maintain your job? What do you do for a living that you can easily work with? I've had a hard time keeping jobs because "I get sick too much" and physical pain often prevents me from common jobs in my area like manufacturing, warehouse work and retail where I have to be on my feet (and not hunched over in pain). In office and school situations I've gotten a lot of grief from peers about how I "look awful and just go home until it's better instead of coming back everyday." I haven't been able to make it through probation for the past couple jobs I've started because of limited sick days/hours and usually no protections for health until after a full hire. I've been really depressed and anxious thinking about what it means for my future if I can't keep a steady job. I read that in the UK endo is considered a chronic illness and is protected legally, but here in the US it is not considered a chronic illness and one has to fight through an application process in hopes of similar recognition and protection. I don't know what to do.

  1. Hi , thanks for joining us and sharing your story. You are not alone in dealing with the challenges of balancing endo and work. It is just hard. I'm sure you'll hear from other members about their experiences, but in the mean time here are some links that might give you some helpful information.

    I can't tell how closely you are working with your health care provider. If you haven't, you can let them know how this is impacting your life and see if they can help you find some solutions. Our community also shares a lot of complementary therapies for endo, like and
    You may have been through all of this already. If not, you can see if any of these methods help. And know that you have a community here who understands your challenges. Please stay in touch! Sending my best wishes, -Audrey ( team)

    1. Any condition that impact important life activities qualify you for reasonable accomodations from employers. Like letting you sit on a stool instead of standing. Could you manage as a cashier at a store if you could sit instead of standing? They have to provide these accomodations if they don't prevent you from performing essential work functions. Stores are so desperate for staff it's a good time to apply and ask for easy accomodations like this. Good luck!

      1. absolutely agree with you! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and being supportive to our community member. We appreciate you. Hope you are feeling well and staying safe! -Kimberli (team member)

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