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Undiagnosed bowel Endo - bleeding

I have had IBS-d since I was 14 and always struggled with identifying exactly what trigger it, I was on the pill for 10 years and when I came off a year or so later started bleeding from my rectum around my period and ovulation. I track my cycles and this has now been happening for a year and a half. I’ve tried hard to get through to the doctors and finally got a referral for the gynaecologist in May for Feb 24, - disheartening but we keep going!! I track my cycles so know exactly when my hormone shift the bleeding starts. Some doctors brushed this off as an uncommon symptom of endo so it probably was unlikely however some have said it is possible it is! Does anyone else have these symptoms? In addition I have lower back pain for around half my cycle, my periods are relatively pain free but I do get some cramping. Any advice/ stories welcome as I’m at my whits end now!!

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