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The financial strain of Endo

Prior to my diagnosis of stage four endo, I was financial sufficient and ran my own digital marketing business. But following surgery I was forced to sit up shop and I’ve been unable to work and make a living for myself since.

In Australia, a recent study shows that 89% of women who have surgery for Endo are unemployed 3 years later.

The problem is, many of the treatments we need to support our health are expensive and therefore inaccessible to the very women who need them the most.

Personally, I wouldn’t be where I am if I didn’t have a partner who worked as I’m currently on benefits.

That’s why I’ve decided to launch a social enterprise selling tea and heat packs, with 100% profits going to help Endo warriors gain the financial help they need to take care of themselves.

Im reaching out today to ask what financial challenges Endo causes you in your life? And what would you do differently if you could afford it?

I appreciate your help 😊

Kel xxx

  1. firstly, I am so sorry that endo had made you have to close up your shop. It truly is upsetting just what endo does to so many of our lives yet, it still isn't taken seriously and there still are not any decent treatment options for us. And if there are, like you said, they are unaffordable to many.

    Having a supportive partner through it all is definitely a miracle. I would have to say my partner is one of the many reasons how I have made it to where I am now. Especially during those time's, I couldn't work.

    I am SO proud of you and your enterprise you launched. What an amazing soul you are! Also, two of my favorite things- tea and heat packs! The endo community sure is lucky to have you in it.

    I think if I didn't have the financial challenges I have, I would have gotten the proper surgery I needed with Dr. S the specialist in Atlanta. I was all scheduled and ready until they needed the first payment from me. The price tag was way too high without any payment plans so I had to cancel and ended up with surgery from just a regular ol' GYN. Maybe someday 🙁

    Thank you again for all that you do for this community. Sending you the biggest of hugs that I possibly can <3 Hope you are feeling well! -Kimberli (team member)

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