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Fissure and Endo

Hello, I'm sorry in advance if i wrote it too long 😅

Has anyone experienced a recurring fissure ? I started suffering from this about year ago, it starts with no warning and after about a month heals completely (according to the Doctor) and then starts again (sharp pain and bleeding). The doctor says there's nothing to do about it and that it might be happening because of my overtighten pelvic floor (thanks to our Endo friend of course). But I started wandering if it could be something else that has to do with the Endo and is misdiagnosed as a fissure (though two doctors saw a fissure).
I suppose i suspect because it appears and disappears in a cyclic way and because sometimes even when it's "cured" i have pain when walking as if there's some underlying problem.
Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

  1. Hi There,
    I have the same exact problem, every two weeks or so I pass hard stool and get a fissure, it heals on its own with in 2-3 days, as if nothing ever happened. There are other symptoms that follow with this, like gas and bloating, nausea, etc. I have tried changing my diet, increased water intake and what not but it seems nothing is working. To me also it seems it is endo related, I am 43 and have confirmed Adeno and suspected endo. I take stool softener on daily basis.

    1. I have a theory on this. I treat many women both with endometriosis and women after menopause. Both groups of women have less estrogen available to them - the endo group because of sustained lengths of time on oral birth control and the menopausal group because their reserve is depleted. Both groups suffer from irritation and atrophy of their pelvic floors, because it is estrogen which plumps the tissues of the urethra, vagina and rectum. Many of my patients suffer from anal fissures because the tissues in this region are starved for estrogen.

      I am wondering if you tried some rectal suppositories to moisturize the anus on a more consistent basis if it might prevent the fissures from forming. You could also try a barrier cream, like calmoseptine or a diaper rash cream on the anus to keep the tissues hydrated so that cracks are less likely to occur. This helps my patients after menopause and I am wondering if it might help those with endo as well. Just a thought!

      Becca Ironside, Team Member

      1. Hi and , thanks for stopping by to share this issue. Endometriosis can get so complicated and affect unexpected body parts. I don't find any research on a correlation between endo and fissures--but it makes sense to me. may be right that there's a hormonal component. Many people living with endo also deal with intestinal issues like constipation, and that can re-open a fissure that has healed up. So finding what works for you to keep your intestines healthy may help too. Please let us know what you find that is helpful. -Audrey ( team)

        1. Thank you so much for your reply. I am on the foothills of Meno and my Perimeno symptoms started when I was 39 , around 4 years ago. I also have sub clinical hypothyroidism fir which I have never taken anything. Every symptom/condition seems to be getting only worse. Is it could be because of my hypothyroidism. I agree with the Estrogen part. But because Endo is found in wonen who are estrogen dominant, then how can estrogen deplete in us? Should not we have enough in our bodies? I have only started oral progestin pills since last 2.5 months. Which has worked wonders with my Anxiety. But the hard stools and fissure problem seems to me very hormone related as it strikes very randomly.

          1. Random hormones are the hallmark of perimenopause. In perimenopause, the ovaries don't make a typical cycle of hormones, and that can cause unpredictable changes. It's chaotic for a while, but it does tend to settle down for most people. It's so great that the progestin is helping with the anxiety! Anxiety just makes everything more difficult, so really great that that part is better. I like 's suggestions for constipation prevention--it may just take some experimenting to find what works best for your body. Best wishes! -Audrey ( team)

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