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Endo poem

Every day is the same. Every day my mind aches to focus on something else…anything else. Every day my body waits. Every day my body waits for the pain to begin. Every day I pretend. Every day I pretend I am normal. I pretend this body is not mine. Every day I am reminded. Every day I am reminded that this body is mine. This pain is all mine. When a day comes with no pain I am different. I am me again. I hold on so tight to this me but I know she is slipping away. She can only stay so long. The pain returns and I am not me anymore. I have slipped away again. The pain is all consuming. I look around to see if people recognize my pain. Do they see when they look at me? Do they know? Can they help? I am alone. Here in this body I am alone. Isolation takes over. My thoughts become distorted. My pain taunts me. It haunts me. It is relentless. It is unchanging. I want to sleep. I want to forget. There is no rest. My mind is stronger than my body. It has to be. My body is so weak. My mind fights but my body fails me. Everyday I look to see if anyone can recognize my pain. Can they see it in my eyes? Can they help? Can anyone help me? Sanity is out of reach. I am alone. Every day is the same.

  1. Hi , I am sending you a private DM. This is an incredibly beautiful poem. Thank you so much for sharing it with us! 💛 Kayleigh, team

    1. , I also wanted to mention, you are not alone, not here, not with us. Your words resonate with so many experiences here in this community. I am thinking of you and sending so much love and light your way dear Emily. 💛 Kayleigh, team

      1. What a such a beautiful and painful poem--thank you for sharing this deep look into your life with endo. I can feel your sense of isolation--but you are not alone here. We hear you. Your mind and your heart are strong, I can see that.
        If you feel up to it, you might listen to the Unexplainable podcast episode on endometriosis. They share some other poetry about endo that you may feel a connection with. Sending love! -Audrey ( team)

        1. Thank you so much and I will definitely check that out 😀

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