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Endo & incontinence

Hi, I was wondering if anyone else suffers with urine incontinence. I have been told I have stage 4 deep endo pretty much all over the place with a lot of stuff stuck together. I’ve noticed I leak a lot.. cough sneezing laughing and now genuinely just walking about I’ll leak. I would love to know if anyone else struggles with this as I feel like it’s one thing I’m extremely embarrassed about. Considering I’m 22 it’s not something anyone else I know ca relate to.

  1. Hi . You are far from alone! Hopefully, others will chime in here with their experiences, but know that urinary incontinence is a common issue for people with endo. Still, it is an important to talk with your doctor about it and get a full evaluation. It might be a symptom of something serious or a problem that can easily be addressed. Here is a link to the first of two articles about urinary incontinence that might interest you: Are you planning to have surgery for your endometriosis? Thinking of you and wishing you the best. - Lori (Team Member)

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