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Endo flare up at the end of your period?

Hey I’m new here!

I was diagnosed with mild endometriosis 10 years ago after years of back and forth appointments to gynae. I was even told by a private consultant that I had psychological issues and that the pain was in my head and I needed therapy….I KNOW 😡!

Anyway fast forward a few years and my Endo got better and more so during pregnancy and after I had my son, but in the last 15 months I’ve had multiple flare ups. I’ve noticed that my symptoms start at the end of my period and as I’m restarting my contraceptive pill 🤔 Does anyone else experience this?
The pain is always down the left side of my lower back, hip, pelvis, and groin, never my right side🤔.

Any advice would be so helpful xx

  1. I saw this after I saw your other post, so now I have more information! I wasn't on the pill when the worst of my symptoms were happening, but I can say that my symptoms worsened before my period and also sometimes as it was tapering off. I had pain in all of the areas you mentioned, and it was mainly on my left side at first, but then my right side became involved. I had endometriomas and deep infiltrating might consider googling the symptoms for those and seeing if they match what you're experiencing. Your symptoms sound similar to what I had. I hope you find some relief! ~Katrina, Advocate

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