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Endo and Fibromyalgia


I'm hoping to start a discussion/engagement around living with Endometriosis & Fibromyalgia (Fibro).

I live with both of these diseases as well as some other ones. I wanted to focus on what it's like living with Endo & Fibro, from what I have seen in several support groups over the years, is that many who have Endo also have Fibro.

It's not easy living with these two diseases, the debilitating pains that they both cause can be hard. Let's not forget about the fatigue, but of course both diseases cause fatigue and can happen at the same time. Why not....I literally forgot where I was going with this line. I decided to make that known because hey, many of you reading this will be able to relate to that. Why? Brain fog is why and you bet your bottom dollar that they both cause brain fog. (Sitting at the computer trying to think of what else I was going to say about living with Endo and Fibro but the hamster wheels keep on spinning even though the hamster is sleeping)

How do you find living with Endo & Fibro?

  1. Hi , this is such a great topic for discussion. Thanks for being so willing to share your experience; I love how up front you are. Both endometriosis and fibromyalgia are those "invisible" issues that we need much more research on. You're right, there does seem to be overlap between the two conditions (and sometimes chronic fatigue syndrome as well). I've added links to a couple of articles on the site by others with both diagnoses.
    Your hamster wheel analogy--cute little sleeping hamster 😀--leads me to think that you use humor to help get deal with your symptoms. I'd love to hear what other techniques help you with the endo/fibro combo.
    Take care, Ray Li!
    -Audrey ( team)

    1. Nice! I hope to be able to travel to B.C. some day soon!

    2. You will love it, it's super beautiful

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