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Endo Fatigue

Fatigue is experienced by nearly 3/4 of those with endometriosis.

Being tired and experiencing fatigue are two dramatically different things. Help us shed some light on what life with endo and fatigue is really like and how it truly impacts your life.

Do you experience endo fatigue? If so, what's your experience like? How would you describe it to someone that says "oh I get really tired too."

  1. It's like a mix of the onset of jet lag while simultaneously being asked to carry 100lbs of extra weight on your back, hips, lower abdomen down to your calves.

    1. That is a fantastic description. The heaviness, the dragging, the weight....I'm sorry you also experience this! ~Katrina, Advocate

  2. For me, it's been like trying to walk through cement that is not yet set, but is starting to harden. There is also an emotional component. I want to engage and be motivated and excited, and I just feel like a battery at the end of its life. No juice, no drive. ~Katrina, Advocate

    1. Definitely the emotional component weighs heavily too! I’ll try to engage but I am so not present and it ends up with me trying to remind myself not to be at war with my body, that’s it’s not something I should feel guilty or shameful about. But it’s hard for people to understand that I’m mostly only functional for about a week out of the month. It always feels like I’m playing catch up to the weeks when I’m not able to perform!

      1. I could not agree with this statement more. Sometimes I get 5 good days…maybe 10 to 12 if I’m really lucky. And I also struggle sometimes with feeling guilty about being tired or less than optimal, so thank you for sharing. This really helps me feel less alone. - Keri ( team member)

    2. For me, it sort of feels like I'm underwater. Every movement is more difficult, keeping my eyes open is harder, and everything's just a little bit floaty and out of focus physically and emotionally.

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