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Endo and ulcers

Ok my 17 year old had a ulcer on her ovary bout 2 years ago they removed it. Birth control to control the ulcers,worked good. The last August they found endo which they removed. Here’s the catch, DR says they can’t treat both, the endo med is tranexamic acid can’t betaken with birth control. Now we thank she has another ulcer. What do we do?
willing to travel to the best DR to get this treated we just don’t know where to go from here. Don’t want to keep having surgery all the time.
Any help would be great.

  1. Hi there . So sorry to hear what your daughter and you are dealing with. I am sure it is frustrating 🙁 Were you guys ever able to find a solution? I unfortunately do not know much about the meds and what can happen combining them, so I don't have much advice but have you talked with an endometriosis specialist? They may be better able to assist your daughter. Hoping since your comment though, you have found answers and your daughter has found some relief. Sending you both hugs. -Kimberli (Team Member)

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