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Endo and the Beach

Temperatures are rising and summer holidays are coming. Many people will be heading to the beaches this summer and we want to know, for those that have gone to the beach either during an endo flare or not, how did you prepare? What can other warriors do to make sure they are covered for anything while on the beach?

  1. Oooh great topic! I live in an area with several beaches. I don't go to the main ones anymore, I go to little public beaches along the lake with only a couple of parking spots. That way the beach is a lot quieter and more relaxing.

    I don't manage to get to the beach often but the only thing that helps me to be able to go and stay an hour or two is medical marijuana. (legal where I live) I also always bring my water misting bottle. It's a watering garden bottle with an adjustable spray nozzle. The misting setting has cool water hitting me. I have a sun hat that I wear and clothing to cover up when I have had too much sun, which doesn't take much these days. It's nice having a chair that I can pop into the water and sit on while still having the cool water on me. Swimming is something that causes too much pain right now and would end the beach day.

    I never wear sunscreen because it prevents me from knowing when I have had too much sun. As soon as I start to get a little bit of light sunburn, I get out of the sun. Last thing I need is Melanoma on top of things.

    1. it is never bad to be prepared and have a plan in place. We always hope and pray it won't happen to us, but there is just no way of knowing. You can't control what others do in your complex, so like you said, it is definitely possible. Proud of you for having a plan in place. Having plans and what I am going to do in certain situations, certainly does take a lot of stress off me. Of course, I don't want a situation like that to ever occur. But. Like I said, glad this one was a false alarm! -Kimberli (team member)

    2. With wildfire season approaching, it's definitely a good time to get prepared. There is a mountain less than a football field length away from my place and there is a lot of kindling so to speak. It would go up in flames real fast.

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