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Endo and Covid-19 vaccine

Dear all,
A little bit of context. I joined this community to understand/ help better my 19 y old daughter who suffers from endo. I would love to know your experience, ideas on having this disease and getting vaccinated. Or if you have any info on the vaccine being tested on specific population like this one.
I am Not anti vaccine but to me there is not enough time, data, feedbacks to guarantee the safety of the vaccine...I am torn apart. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Keep fighting ladies for your Health.🙏

  1. Hi Annebis,

    It's normal to feel a little hesitant about something that might affect someone you care about. As far as I know, COVID-19 vaccine trials haven't included people with endometriosis. But it's considered safe for most people with underlying health conditions based on the research that has been done. And even though the vaccine hasn't been studied in all groups, the CDC and other health officials consider the risk of COVID-19 to outweigh any potential side effects.

    There is data to show that the vaccine may not be as effective in people who are immunocompromised. But endometriosis is not considered a true autoimmune condition.

    There is a rare chance of a serious allergic reaction with any vaccine, but endometriosis isn't likely to increase that. But it would be worth talking to your doctor if your daughter has had a reaction to other vaccines, like the flu shot.

    I can offer you my own experience. I know people with ulcerative colitis, arthritis, and endometriosis who've gotten the vaccine. None reported any serious side effects or flares of their symptoms. I also have endo, am 39, and received both of the Moderna doses. I had some common (but pretty uncomfortable) side effects for about 40 hours. That includes your usual fever-like symptoms: soreness at the injection site, fever, muscle aches, joint pains. It was clear my immune system was responding, so I felt rundown for a few days after that, almost like I had a cold. But I was back to normal about 5 days after my second shot, and I feel totally fine now — 2 1/2 weeks later. I did have an irregular period in between my first and second dose, something that isn't uncommon for me. My periods usually get out of sync when I'm under any kind of stress — physical or mental!

    I know it can be hard to navigate all this when the vaccine is new. Don't hesitate to talk about all of your concerns with your or your daughter's doctor. That's what they're there for! They can explain exactly how the vaccine works, and give you feedback about what they've seen with other patients. Wishing you and your family well! - Keri ( team member)

    1. Hi ! left you some really great information about the vaccine and her thoughts and I wanted to also chime in with a few things. I'm so sorry your daughter is suffering from endometriosis. My heart is going out to her. In terms of having endometriosis, the best thing you can do, and this is something my therapist actually taught me in regards to my relationship but I find it applies to everything really, is listen to understand and not to respond. When she tells you how she is feeling, ask her questions to really understand what it is that she means. If she describes pain or bloating, my partner asks me "right, but how does that make you feel mentally and physically." Doing things like making endo-friendly meals for her to freeze and cook when she's feeling a flare or is in a lot of pain are huge. I'm including an article we just published about how to be supportive to your partner but it's really great for anyone that is trying to be supportive to someone with endo: I also want to say, you sound like a really great Mom dear Annebis, truly! Your daughter sounds very lucky to have a mom who wants to be so invested in her health. I'm really glad you are here with us and a part of this community. If you ever have any other questions or just need to vent or anything, we'll be here for you. 💛 Thanks for being so awesome! Warmly, Kayleigh, team

      1. Many thanks Kayleigh. We both have a positive attitude and she is a trooper. We are trying pelvic floor rehabilitation in June , see if it can help! Coming from France, I check what they are doing over there too to compare. I ordered from France as well a homeopathic supplement to alleviate the pain, if it works I will post on it for sure....Thanks for this awesome community !!! and your responses. Be well Anne

        1. That's so cool to hear! Please give all our love to your trooper of a daughter! I really hope that pelvic floor rehab helps! If you learn any cool tips that she finds particularly helpful, please feel free to share with us! We're always on the lookout for any and all tips on how to alleviate pain and create more comfort and you never know which tip will help someone out. That's also really cool about your homeopathic supplement! Definitely, yes, please let us know if that works too! This community is honestly awesome because of people like YOU! We're so lucky to have such amazing members like you Anne. Sending big hugs your way! 💛🎗💛Kayleigh, team

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