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Does Endo ever really go away??

Hi, my name is Sam. Two months ago, I had a lap and was diagnosed with Endo. Since then, I've been told by both the surgeon and an gyno that my endo is "gone" and I shouldn't have any symptoms.
Problem is, I still do. I still have pain and I definitely still have a lot of digestive issues.

  1. Hi , I'm so sorry you're in pain after your surgery. My heart is going out to you. While we wait for others to chime in, I wanted to leave you with a few articles to check out. Three of them are about laparoscopy and associated pain and the last one is about recovering and talks about digestion issues associated with the surgery due to the carbon dioxide that is used to help inflate your abdomen during surgery. While we are not medical professionals and cannot give medical advice, it's worthwhile to definitely mention the pain and digestive issues you are experiencing to them to be on the safe side. These are the articles I was mentioning:

    I really hope that helps dear ! Warmly, Kayleigh, team 💛

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