Marisol Velez

Endometriosis Community Advocate Marisol VelezMarisol was previously a health leader on

Marisol Velez is a health writer in Philadelphia. The tremendous resilience of the human spirit as well as her love of research and multiculturalism led to a background in clinical psychology. Her experiences with endometriosis have motivated her to focus her writing on women’s health and sexual wellness.

Marisol’s quality of life was affected long before she had learned about the condition. At one point, she attributed her suffering to a serious character flaw. Tired of the medical community’s dismissal of her symptoms, Marisol utilized research to get answers. Her research on endometriosis brought the condition to light and she was diagnosed in 2021. While learning to manage and cope with the disease, Marisol realized her own resiliency. It inspired her to help others along their endometriosis journeys.

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