Jessica Duffin, WHC

Endometriosis Community Advocate Jessica DuffinJessica Duffin is a podcaster, writer and founder of This Endo Life.

Endometriosis robbed Jessica of her education, business and two careers. Throughout her life, she had endured a constant pattern of fatigue and burnout, eventually having to walk away from each chapter of her life, exhausted and assuming she too weak for the path she had chosen.

Jessica was finally diagnosed at age 24, after several years of multiple STI tests, misdiagnosed kidney infections and dismissal from the medical community, but it took another few years to realize that the fatigue, burnout and countless other symptoms were all linked.
Whilst conventional medicine is important and necessary, Jessica found no relief from surgery and couldn’t take most forms of hormones and painkillers. Eventually, after finding her daily life almost impossible and feeling suicidal, she began the journey of healing and managing through the nutrition. The difference she felt was immediate.

Since then, she has continued to grow her understanding, research and experiments with alternative therapies and nutrition for endometriosis. Jessica now uses a combination of mindfulness, supplements, diet, cycle tracking and yoga as her main methods of managing and now shares her experiences with other in the endometriosis community.

Jessica regularly runs workshops and day retreats on living well with endometriosis; interviews experts and professionals who are supporting others with the disease on her podcast and is training to be an Integrative Women’s Health Coach.

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