Jessa F

Endometriosis Community Advocate Jessa F

Jessa F is a writer based in the UK. Her first period came with a bang and a prolonged hospital stay. She spent years seeking answers from doctors, who performed every single test possible, concluding each time that it was “probably stress”. It was only until her thirties that a friend with endometriosis mentioned how their symptoms sounded very similar. With this information and many hours of research, Jessa managed to convince a surgeon to perform the laparoscopy that would confirm her suspicions.

For Jessa, being diagnosed with endometriosis has been a life lesson of gigantic proportions. This illness has taken a lot from her, including her beloved career in fashion. But it has also given her the purpose to spread awareness about the disease and help anyone that could be suffering from it. Just like her friend guided her to the answers she needed, she hopes her writing can help others navigate the world of medical appointments and dismissive diagnoses endometriosis involves.

When she’s not in front of her laptop, Jessa is either doing Yoga or trying to keep up with her two overachieving - and surprisingly speedy- sausage dogs.

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